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Belgium Beers Available in our Asheville Beer Store

We can access any of the Belgian beers seen on these importers websites. Some beers are only released once a year during specific seasons. For information on our current inventory, if you have any questions or if you require a special order please give us a call (828) 505-7500.

12 Percent Imports– Our newest importer,  specialize in bring the rarest Belgian beers, usually only found in their prospective small Belgian towns, to the American market.

Shelton Brothers Imports–  With names like Mikkeller, Jolly Pumpkin and Struise its not hard to see why this portfolio is one of the greatest in the world. Only a hand full of orders are placed each year. If you would like to place an order let us know.

B. United International– To amass a list of the beers that we love from this importer we would have to build a new server.

Global Beer Network– Owned and operated by a man from Flanders, Belgium this importer has direct ties to some of the greatest and oldest  breweries in the Flanders.

Merchant du Vin– We have been drinking, and enjoying beers from this importer for over 15 years now, although their history dates back to 1978, one of the first importers to awaken the sleepy American beer palate. Merchant du Vin sets the strictest standards for the beers that bear their importing label. All Merchant du Vin beers are “authentic”—meaning they come from a historical and regional brewing tradition. The beer must be an outstanding representative of its style, and produced by a brewery of superb reputation – all MdV beers come from family- or abbey-owned breweries.

Wetten Importers– Representing some of the more traditional, old world breweries, this importers boasts one of the worlds top beers in their ranks.