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Argentinian Beers Available in our Asheville Beer Store

Roja Belgian Style Red Ale Of great character, very bitter and has a strong, toasted candy flavor. Of a long-lasting, spicy and fruity mouth finish. Dark amber with a light head. Ideal to accompany ham, red and game meats.

Negra Irish Style Dry Stout Complex character of dried fruits and raisins and a sweet bouquet of coffee, truffles and chocolate. Great body and soft mouth finish. Black pearl color and creamy tan head. Taste it in place of Guinness Extra Stout and with anything chocolate.

Diablo Belgian Strong Ale With a smooth beginning and a fruit, light crisp profile, but with an explosive finish. Tall snow white and heavy head, ideal for tasting after dinning, with old cheeses, fruit desserts, and why not, a good cuban.