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Wine Tasting w/ Javier Pedrazzini Tenuta Monteti – SOLD OUT

October 13, 2022 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

This event is currently SOLD OUT, we are taking names for a cancellation list. Also we will be hosting Chris Thornbury from Rise Over Run and a collection of SLOVENIAN, CROATIAN and GEORGIAN wines at the end of the month. Stay tuned!!

Hello wine lovers,

We are beyond excited to welcome, Javier Pedrazzini, sales manager and production supervisor at Tenuta Monteti! This is a rare opportunity to taste with a representative from this world-class winery, that was built from the ground up with the varietals they farm in mind. Read on!

*Start with a brief overview of the history, geography, growing practices, varietals, styles, and culture of the winery.
*Taste ALL of the wines made at this outstanding estate.
*Light bites will be supplied

*Low Sulphur

Tasting is $25 per person, and will be led by Javier Pedrazzini from Tenuta Monteti. All of the wines poured will be 10% off that evening. Only 24 seats will be available for this tasting. Prepaid reservations are required, tickets are *nonrefundable*. Call us to find out more or to book your seat.


Paolo Baratta, Gemma, Eva e Javier Pedrazzini

The story of Tenuta Monteti began in 1998 when, after years of searching, Gemma and Paolo Baratta finally found this corner of Tuscany in the southern Maremma area where they could take up again a project from their youth.
In this small valley, 15 km from the sea and 145m above sea level, the fields are protected by the Monteti hill from which the estate takes its name.

The challenge was big: here there was nothing, just grazing land and a ruined house and at that time the area was still unexplored as to high quality wine production. But Gemma and Paolo, backed up by Carlo Ferrini, consultant oenologist from the start, sensed the extraordinary potential of this land to give wines capable of combining personality with elegance.

Being able to start from scratch, without an old local tradition or the frame of a DOC classification, meant there was freedom to listen to the soil and the climate, and plant the varieties that would respond and express themselves to their best. Petit Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Alicante Bouschet were chosen and in these archaic Mediterranean hills soon they found a very personal expression.


During the preparation of the land the diggers encountered some gigantic boulders. They were extracted very carefully and due to their monumental beauty they were placed along the alleys and between the vineyards to act as guardians.
Naturally they have become the symbol of the Estate.

The winery was designed to work using the force of gravity throughout the production process and to apply a parcelled winemaking and ageing method in strict harmony with field diversity. Construction was completed in 2004 which was the year of the first produced vintage that was then released onto the market in 2007.

In 2010 their daughter Eva took over running the company assisted by her husband Javier Pedrazzini, who is sales manager and production supervisor. Today the work team is made up of: Roberto Rossi, agricultural manager since the beginning, Christian Coco who started as a trainee in 2007 then became managing oenologist in 2012 and 12 specialized women and men working in the field and in the winery. The consultant oenologist is still Carlo Ferrini.

Tenuta Monteti has increasingly focused its attention on respecting the environment in all aspects of the production process. In 2017 Caburnio and Monteti obtained the “Sustainable Wine” certificate as part of the V.I.V.A. “Sustainable Vitiviniculture” programme of the Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea.