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Authentique Vin Selections owner Thomas Meunier

May 27, 2023 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Join us as we welcome, Natural Wine Importer Thomas Meunier, owner of Authentique Vin Selections. Thomas will be sampling a handful of his small production, organic estates. Always a pleasure to have Thomas behind the tasting bar. Read below for more info about Thomas and his import company….

“I started my journey in the wine world over 20 years ago in my native region of the Loire valley. During 6 vintages I worked at a biodynamic winery in Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil growing Cabernet Franc and Chenin Blanc. This experience, deep in the heart of a winemaker family, shaped my philosophy to wine and kept me humble until this day. When building my portfolio, my quest have always been to find life in the wines I pick, this vibrancy that makes each bottle a revelation. I know through my experience in the vines that when you respect nature, it delivers in the bottle and makes each wine unique because it shows the sense of a place.

I have kept this understanding first while building my selection; finding true winegrowers that make no concessions, with distinctive personalities that While Organic certification is not a mandatory criteria to be part of my portfolio, even though 3/4 of my selection is,  I firmly believe that only the organic path is the one to quality, delivering better grapes, offering the best natural balance of the fruit components. I share with my friends winemakers the belief that wine is made in the vineyard and that 90% of the vigneron’s job is done when you bring the ripest grapes in the cellar. I believe in natural wines made with native yeasts and no additives, but also that sulfites is not our enemy if used with minimal doses after the fermentation… I know each winemaker of my portfolio personally, have built strong ties and friendship with them, we grow together sharing this search for excellence by always questioning ourselves to do better.

This is why being “Authentic” means so much to me and the reason why I named my portfolio that way. I know all my wines are made by people who are true to themselves, who keep this integrity that makes each vintage a step further… We are here to share with you our passion and bring smiles on faces… We aim to stay authentic all the way… That is why I’m doing what I do…. “

Thomas Meunier