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Asheville’s Best Wine Tasting W/Sour Grapes

January 30, 2019 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Our Wine Wednesdays, include one *free sample from each of our hand selected fine wine features (up to four wines). New wines are chosen each week.

Otto’s Constant Orbis Moderandi Pet Nat
Carefully harvested from the stunning sustainably farmed vineyards at Hunter’s. The fruit was pressed and allowed to settle naturally, before fermenting in stainless tanks until ready for bottling. The wine was bottled at about 14g/L sugar, which is 30% lower sugar than you would bottle a traditional sparkling wine. This means the wine is less fizzy than a regular bottle of Champagne. The sediment in the bottom are yeast lees along with a few tartrates as the juice was not cold stabilized. The wine was unsulphured at bottling so that the ferment could finish. (A small SO2 addition was used during juice handling.) It is very important to chill the wine before opening. As with all Petnats, the lees left in the bottle can create quite a lot of fizz when opened if not cold. PRODUCER Orbis Moderandi marks a new era in Communal Brands’ ongoing collaboration with Hunter’s Estate. They are one of the oldest and very best producers in New Zealand and Jane Hunter is a legend and an inspiration. For many years now, they have been the winery partner for our Otto’s Constant Dream wines. With this new venture we have allowed the imagination of young winemaker James Macdonald to run free. Petillant Natural wines use an ancient method of sparkling wine production, this method though can frequently go very wrong. It requires impeccable fruit and a real attention to detail. James and Hunter’s are the perfect partners for this offshoot of the traditional Otto’s line.

La Collina Quaresimo Lambrusco Rouge
Biodyanmic, Demeter Cert. 20% Lambrusco Salamino; 40% Maestri; 30% Grasparossa; 10% Malbo Gentile. Estate collaborates with Demeter founder Alex Podolinsky on many projects, including developing machinery to make biodyanmic farming accessible to everyone. We’re still trying to figure out how Enea, who founded and still runs the Coop and community of La Collina finds time to do it all. When he’s not taking care of the livestock, or the fruit and adults from his community with drug addictions. When he is not doing these activities he is traveling to South America, and soon, other regions to help other cooperatives set up a functioning business as he has with La Collina. Or, we can find him working closely with Biodynamic pioneer and Demeter founder Alex Podelinsky on a project to create and design handmade machines that will help BD farming become more accessible and practical to a wider group of agriculturists of all types. Finally, somehow, there is still time for him to make wine with the help of a friend and producer at a nearby cellar. A traditional Lambrusco that reminds us why the Emilia Romagna region of italy is so famous for it’s love of food and wine. It seems Lambrusco is making a comeback, and for good reason… the acidity of this wine, combined with the bubbles can wash down perfectly the buttery sauce of any pasta, and stand up to rich meats at the same time. It is a perfect food wine… and has existed more or less as we know it today since 1567.

Cuvelier Atanea Pinot Noir
Natural wine. 80% from Lo Orozco area, one of the coolest of Casablanca Valley, on the foothills of the CoastalMountain Range. 20% from Lo Ovalle, another very fresh part of Casablanca Valley thanks to thegood entry of the ocean breeze. Light sandy clay soil, deep and high level of quartz, excellentinfiltration. Low organic materials (1%). No fining process, no filtration. Atanea is the name of the line of wines I make with my friend and partner Emeric in Casablanca Valley. We are in control of the whole process. From the manual, organic and biodynamic care in the vineyard to the natural wine-making process in the winery. We select our Pinot from the coolest parts of Casablanca Valley.​

Lealtanza Rioja Reservas 2012
Altanza began its story in 1998 as a synonym of quality and dedicated exclusively to top Reserva wines. Since then, their goal has been to offer the best possible quality wine at a sensible price. Located in Fuenmayor (Rioja Alta), they combine tradition and modernity. Their wines are made in a modern style from 100% Tempranillo. The wines are fermented using natural yeasts and then aged in entirely French oak
barrels which are renewed every 5 years. Rounded and layered aromas of dried fruits, red cherry, smoke and coconut. Well polished and presented with red fruit and plum flavors sluicing through the palate. It is, simply, a beautiful wine with the X-factor.” – 97 points Decanter





*tasting free with purchase of $10 or more per guest