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Asheville’s Best Wine Tasting W/Andy Singleton

September 25, 2019 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Dashe Les Enfants Terribles Chenin Blanc 2017

We have long been fans of Chenin Blanc from the Loire Valley, and over the years have searched for local Chenin Blanc grapes to make a crisp, dry wine from this classic varietal. We discovered an ideal vineyard in Clarksburg California, home to the vast majority of Chenin Blanc grapes grownin California. This unique area is in the Sacramento River delta, where cool breezes from the San Francisco Bay cool the grapes, creating hot afternoons and cool evenings that make for ideal conditions to grow Chenin Blanc. We use a 500 gallon egg-shaped concrete fermentation vessel to highlight the minerality of the grapes, and the results have exceeded our expectations.

Folktale Chardonnay Monterey 2018

The striking Coast View Vineyard sits at 2400’ elevation in the Gabilan Mountains in Monterey County, with a gorgeous view of the Monterey Bay. Vines here stay cool throughout the summer, allowing the grapes to ripen slowly to fully develop their fruit forward flavor and clean, natural acidity. This is another great vintage from our estate Mission Ranch vineyard in Arroyo Seco. Like the classic iterations before it, this Chardonnay is cleanly balanced with notes of tropical fruits, caramel, and vanilla. Hints of graphite, minterality, and soft notes of toasted brioche round the palate.

Ramsay North Coast Pinot Noir 2016

We have long been famous for our ‘Purely Poetic Pinot Noir’, the well-respected wine we make under the Kent Rasmussen Winery label, though we also make several other wines of note. This is now our 29th year of producing Ramsay Pinot Noir! And it is better than ever! I love Pinot Noir. It was my passion for Pinot that started me on the road of winemaking in 1979, and to this day, it is still the wine that makes me jump up-and-down. Pinot Noir is a wonderful grape and a wonderful wine. It is by far the most complex and nuanced of all varieties, yet it is far from a knock-your-socks-off bomb. A fine Pinot Noir can be quite light, both in color and body…yet unbelievable subtile and nuanced in flavor and aroma. Young Pinot Noir can be stunning, yet old Pinot Noir is often the best wine in the world. As I said, it is an amazing gift of nature for all of us wine-drinkers!

Aviary Birds Of Prey Red 2017

Founded in 2010, Aviary Vineyards launched with the 2009 vintage of our Napa Valley Red Blend. That first vintage took advantage of tiny lots of different varieties from 13 different vineyards throughout Napa Valley. Much like an aviary, the blend of different grapes interacted and harmonized to create a wine that was beautiful, enjoyable, and captivating. Each component is wonderful, but together, they combined into a truly great experience 2017 began with plenty of rain that led to a mild spring. The summer was warm, leading to slightly earlier harvest than typical. On October 8, wildfires broke out and devastated the region with fire, smoke and accessibility to vineyards. Luckily all of our grapes were harvested, and the wines aren’t showing any smoke taint. We are showing exceptional quality across the board and are very happy with our results from a stressful year. Our Birds of Prey Red Blend is inspired by the guardians of our vineyards. Owls at night and raptors throughout the day, birds of prey hunt in our vines allowing us to naturally manage the vineyards without pesticides. As homage, this wine is big, bold, and balanced. It offers a memorable profile of chocolate, caramel, roasted nuts, strawberry preserve, and nougat with a big mouthfeel. A beautiful wine to be enjoyed now or aged for up to 10 year


Our Wine Wednesdays, include one *free sample from each of our hand selected fine wine features (up to four wines). New wines are chosen each week.

*tasting free with purchase of $10 or more per guest