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Asheville’s Best Natural Wine Tasting

July 31, 2019 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Our Wine Wednesdays, include one *free sample from each of our hand selected fine wine features (up to four wines). New wines are chosen each week.

Ampeleia Bianco di Ampeleia
Natural, Biodynamic.Trebbiano 90%, Malvasia 5%, Ansonica 5%. Ampeleia was born in 2002 from the collaboration and friendship between Elisabetta Foradori, Thomas Widmann, and Giovanni Podini; they saw in Ampeleia a place where they could not only develop an agricultural project but also fulfill a common vision. The project aspires to represent the inherent diversity and huge potential of this particular area of Maremma, the “Colline Metallifere,” which are not the coastal lowlands one usually associates with the Maremma, but mineral-rich hills that have been mined since Etruscan times. For Bianco di Ampeleia we have recovered the wood of an old vineyard near the winery and we have used it for doing new grafts. They are co-planted vineyards, according to the tradition, with Trebbiano and some indigenous varieties of the Mediterranean basin (Ansonica e Malvasia). 6 months in cement tanks. Skin-contact maceration for 7 days. Honey comb, flowers, citrus oil, this orange wine is loaded!

Domaine Sainte Lucie MiP* Rose
Organic. 60% Syrah – 30% Grenache – 10% Rolle. Guillaume and Virginie continue to be a great partner for us and we are all excited for 2019. For those that do not know, Sainte Lucie is the same Estate as Domaine des Diables, which is the only Provençal estate to be awarded the Prix d’Excellence (7 years in a row now). Rolle all blended for your tasting pleasure. Fuchsia pink robe – It has a powerful nose with predominant notes of citrus fruits and red berries. Consistently has a very delicate mouth feel with the same aromatic notes as the nose and a long, long finish. Domaine des Diables is an in-house favorite and we are happy to get the Collection series from them for the region. #areyoumipingready ?!

Elios Glou Glou Rosso
Natural. “Glou-Glou” (French slang for “deliciousness”) is Elios’ take on the thirst-quenching, light, and easy-drinking style of wine found in the bistro. It’s made from 100% Nerello Mescalese grown in the countryside of Monreale on the island of Sicily. Hand-picked with a spontaneous fermentation, this wine is aged in stainless steel to maintain it’s fresh fruit and refreshing quality. Give it a slight chill in the fridge and this will be your absolute favorite Summer red!

Donkey & Goat The Gallivanter
Natural. Jared and Tracey Brandt have been making wine naturally in California since the 2003 vintage, they can be seen as pioneers of this style of wine in California. They had just returned from spending the year 2002 in France with famed winemaker Eric Texier, learning everything they could, from winemaking to marketing. Their wines are almost entirely unfined and unfiltered, and the only additive they use is a small amount of sulfur, at bottling. They have their own beautiful winemaking facility located in Berkeley, where they can assure that all their fermentations take place with only their vineyards own wild yeasts. The Gallivanter Red is a red blend that will always be delicious and well-priced, which will change each year, hence the vineyard sites and grape varieties remain hidden. Candied fruits with fresh strawberry and raspberry. Pomegranate, naval orange, citrus oils, pine, leaves and Asian spice box. High toned and rambunctious. Fat and fleshy. Really satisfying natty wine.





*tasting free with purchase of $10 or more per guest