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Asheville’s Best Free Saké Tasting

January 8, 2020 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

PLEASE NOTE there will only be one small bottle of each sake opened this evening, please get here as early as possible to sample. This week we welcome Michael Schattschneider to the tasting bar with a wonderful selection of craft SAKE! This is a very rare opportunity to sample some of the best examples of SAKE being brewed in Japan. Join us!

Joto Nigori is brewed by the Nakao Brewery, which was founded in 1871and is now managed by the 6th generation of the family. The brewery has pioneered revolutionary techniques and ingredients in the sake industry. Unlike most nigoris, which are syrupy sweet, Joto Nigori shows depth and earthy notes, which make it more food-friendly and sophisticated.Joto Nigori is a junmai, which lends a dry, earthy balance to the milky, coconutty fruit notes that are typical of the nigori style. Serve chilled. Stands up to the grease and grit of burgers and steaks. Also wonderful with Thai, Vietnamese, and Indian curries.

Kikusui Junmai Ginjo “Chrysanthemum Water”. This Ginjo has a slightly fruity nose with hints of citrus and persimmons. Kikusui has a confidently smooth beginning with a gradual thickening viscosity that ends in a slightly salty aftertaste. Dry, sharp and smooth according to most, this Ginjo sits well in the mouth and will tease you with sweet fruit tones and a dry finish. Kikusui is fermented at a low temperature longer than most Ginjos to rid the sake of the sometimes “heavy” characteristics of a Junmai, thus giving it an overall light and dry complexion. Gin and vodka drinkers will enjoy. WORD: Citrus WINE: Sharp Whites/Dry Reds BEER: Ales/Ambers FOODS: Suitable for light and stronger flavored dishes such as dim sum, chicken/pork with mild spice, creamy cheeses and fresh fruits.

Bunraku Forgotten Japanese Spirit Junmai. Using active natural micro organisms such as lactic acid bacterium this Yamahai Junmai has been fermented and processed with a great deal of effort. This sake pours crystal clear. Made with native yeasts, it has an intense nose of yellow apple and poached pear, with floral undertones. On the palate, it’s rich and lush, with flavors of ripe melon and a hint of nuttiness. On the drier richer side of Junmai.

Yumegokoro Naraman Bin Hiire Junmai Muroka. Yumegokoro Brewing Company Fukushima Prefecture The basin in Aizu region perfect for rice production created award winning sake. “Naraman” brand only uses exceptionally grown rice from local farmers, underground water from Mt. Tsugamine recognized as top 100 sources of water selected by the Ministry of Environment, and the special yeast developed by Fukushima prefecture. The result is this beautiful brew with modest aroma to highlight umami from the highest quality rice. Its simplistic design of the bottle reflects the bold confidence of the quality. This sake won gold medal three consecutive years at The U.S. National Sake Appraisal. Its subtle, melon aroma leads to a perfect balance between sweet and dry. The robust flavors will have you pouring a second glass to taste its complexity. Serving luke-warm brings out the nuance of the drink, and pairing with grilled fish or sashimi can add a fun layer to the flavor.

Asahi Shuzo Dassai 50 Junmai Daiginjo. Orange, clove and toasted malt. This sake has an older brother Daiginjo that has an industry leading milling rate of 23. Dassai 50 has collection of sweet aromas including grape juice, cotton candy, and a hint of lemonade. Talk about a sake with body! This uber daiginjo has a full-figured flavor that rushes chewy fruit tones to all corners of your mouth. It is wide and heavy with lots of expansive elements that talk to those who like a mouthful. Pay attention for a hint of anise and sneaky mild veggie aftertaste. The subtle sweetness including grape and berries becomes more pronounced when the fluid warms in the mouth. WORD: Chunky WINE: Pinot Noir / Chewy Whites BEER: Ales FOODS: Mushroom risotto, tempura, fried chicken, caviar, smoked salmon pate.







*tasting free with purchase of $10 or more per guest