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Asheville’s Best Free SAKE Tasting 2-21-2018

February 21, 2018 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Our Wine Wednesdays, include one *free sample from each of our hand selected fine wine features (up to four wines). New wines are chosen each week. All feature wines available by the glass or flight of four. This week we welcome Juniper Cooper back to the tasting bar with a wonderful selection of craft SAKE! This is a very rare opportunity to sample some of the best examples of SAKE being brewed in Japan. Join us!

Tosanotsuru Ginjo “Azure”
Tosatsuru Ginzo Azure is a new generation. Smooth Ginjo made from “Kaiyoushinsoushi”
(Deep ocean water). Tosatsur azure has a fruity Ginjo fragrance of pear which has a very
refreshing and clean flavor with a long dry tail and a fair amount of acidity. Cold chilled bottle
will be a perfect choice for hot summer day and it can be harmonized with Western dishes &
seafood dishes easily such as salmon carpaccio, fresh oysters & tuna sashimi. This is a total brand new sake experience.

Kinpou Odayaka Junmai Ginjyo Biodynamic “The Fat Frog”
In 1967, Niida-Honke began producing its all natural Kinpou line using 100% Shizenmai rice, cultivated on their 600 acre property without the use of any pesticides or chemical fertilizers. By 2009, 98% of the rice utilized by Niida-Honke was Shizenmai rice. Honeydew melon and lemon zest create a fruity yet clean set of aromas. Gentle and elegant on the palate with flavors of ripe golden apple, and tart pear skin. The savoriness blossoms on the finish alongside firm minerality.

Born Junmai Daiginjo “Gold”
This is another great Daiginjo from a brewery known for making Daiginjo sake. “Gold” has an elegant nose comprised of green apple, sweet rice, plum skin, and peach aromas. What do you call that sake that is complex enough for the pros and drinkable enough for the sake newbies? You call it Gold! Add some tremendous packaging and you get a stellar sake with layers of smooth and even fruit tones from grapes and pears to apple sauce and a hint of citrus. Behold a peek-a-boo vein of vanilla on a fluid flow that has far more personality in a smaller glass. A larger glass makes this easy drinking sake even easier. If you have a hard time with alcohol elements in a sake then this Daiginjo is for you as there is no alcohol twang. Truly Gold in a glass! WORD: Gentle WINE: Smooth Reds/ Round whites BEER: Clean Ales FOODS: Look for cuisines with gentle attitude and subtle complexities from exotic flavors to everyday fare.

Amabuki Yamahai Junmai “Marigold”
Amabuki Brewery is located in Saga Prefecture and is dedicated to providing the best sakes possible made only with yeast cultivated off the most beautiful flowers. This gives these sakes a unique taste in the vast world of sakes. The true expression of marigold is noticeable both on the palate and on the nose of this sake. The yamahai brewing method amplifies these flavors. This sake really shines when it is served warm.

Ryujin Kakushi Ginjo Namachozo “Dragon God”
Ryujin Shuzo’s underground water is very soft and feminine, lending to their brewers the power to draw out the hidden flavors in their rice. Their aim is to create flavorful, mellow, high quality sake that warms the heart upon drinking. They like to combine their traditional skills and methods with the brewer’s heart. To this end, they work hard to improve their skills every day to work towards the next challenge, and brew excellent beer in the off season. Fresh and fruit-forward with a plush, cream-like mouthfeel. Flavors languish in your mouth with a slow burn that will suddenly fade into nothingness for a beautifully clean finish, calling for a second glass. To be served exclusively in restaurants, so one may truly appreciate the image of versatility and artistry in which Ryujin’s Kakushi Ginjo was crafted.

Shirakawago Junmai Sassanigori “Snowy Village”
Found in the familiar mountainous area of Gifu, Shirakawa village has been designated by the Unesco Committee as a World Cultural Heritage site for its rafter-roofed houses. In addition, from the end of September through October, one of the world’s most unique festivals, the Doburoku Festival, takes place here with people praying at shrines in each of the districts to the mountain gods for fertility, family safety, and peace in the village. Shirakawago is superb unfiltered sake made from Hidahomare rice (BY29). Blended with Moromi (sake-mash), its mellow flavor and wealthy aroma is best enjoyed chilled or on the rocks. Awarded Silver in the Wine and Spirits Wholesaler’s of America 68th Annual Convention & Exposition Wine Tasting Competition. Lightly cloudy with a consistent whitish hue. Aromas are delicate, hinting at newly blossomed flowers, cucumbers and fresh spring water. The flavor is almost sweet in the mouth, with a deep minerality and flowers on the finish. Easy to enjoy.