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VIN NATUREL? Oui! Check out our Instagram!


Yes! Our selection has been growing since 2011 and now is one of the largest in the region. We have tons of natural wine, Pét-Nat, orange wines and more!


Lets be very clear: at this time, there is not a governing body to regulate or classify natural wine. Think of it as a spectrum, with many shades of color creating a very diverse industry of wines. In a nutshell, wine produced in as natural way as possible. In its purest form an understanding between farmer, producer and consumer. Low to zero manipulation. More info here & here


There are thousands of approved chemicals ☠, additives and other manipulations allowed in the production of wine. 99% of these products do not have to be written on the label or divulged to the consumer.



In years past we only had access to “natural wine” from Europe, today we stock natural wines from every corner of the world! Red, white, rosé, ORANGE (more on that later)


No citrus here! Extended skin contact wines, usually vinted from white varietals. Perhaps a better term would be “golden” wines. During “maceration” the grape juice is left to ferment on the skins, which pulls these “orange” or “golden” colors. Orange wines can be produced in many different ways, from the very avant garde like Gravner and Radikon to more mellow styles. This skin contact almost always yields wines with deep flavors and insane complexity. We have a wonderful assortment of these wines as well!


Pétillant Naturel, Méthode Ancestrale, Ancestral Method. Same same. A risky and difficult-to-control method of producing sparkling wine, in which the primary fermentation is stopped before completing, and a secondary fermentation occurs in the bottle, creating “carbonation naturally”.


Many different ways to produce orange wine/natural wines/Pet Nat, with some of the more avant-garde styles showing considerable oxidation and wild raw flavors. Bottle variation, no filtration etc create a very compelling drinking experience. Stop by we are eager to show you around!