Vin Naturel?

Wines produced in the purest way possible. At its simplest this means: No chemicals, no manipulation in the winery, organic/biodynamic farming, low to zero sulphur added at bottling.

Why Appalachian Vintner?

Experience, integrity and selection. We first wrote of the benefits of natural wine back in 2011. Since then we have expanded our natural wine set exponentially and now offer one of the largest selections in the southeast.

Orange wine?

No citrus here! Extended skin contact wines, usually vinted from white varietals. Perhaps a better term would be “golden” wines. During “maceration” the grape juice is left to ferment on the skins, which pulls these “orange” or “golden” colors. Orange wines can be produced in many different ways, from the very avant garde like Gravner and Radikon to more mellow styles. This skin contact almost always yields wines with deep flavors and insane complexity. We have a wonderful assortment of these wines as well!

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