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Have a question you don’t see on this list? Feel free to send us a message or ask in store.

Do you sell kegs?

Yes! All kegs are special order. Special orders can be placed Monday-Thursday for next (usually!) day pick-up. The only brewery available for same day pick-up is Eurisko, orders from these breweries can usually be placed until 4:30PM, after that availability becomes more limited. Please note it is ALWAYS a good idea to order your keg a few days in advance! We do not have a “list” of kegs, **most** packaged beer we sell is available in keg format. Kegs require a $50 CASH refundable deposit, taps, tubs etc have deposits and rental fees. Keg sizes available are: 1/2bbl (15.5gal= 124 16oz pints), 1/6bbl (5.16gal= 42 16oz pints), some breweries like Bells, Founders, Lagunitas and Epic offer 1/4bbl (7.75gal= 62 16oz pints) NOTE most breweries DO NOT offer this size. We also have access to imported kegs, these kegs require special couplers, which we usually do not offer, special circumstances can be made however. Contact us with any questions!

Do you allow returns?

All sales are final. Please see our section below regarding flawed product.

Do you fill Growlers?

OUR BAR IS CURRENTLY CLOSED. YES! Due to the confines of North Carolina Law and our desire to maintain the integrity of the world-class beer we serve, we will only fill CLEAN, GLASS or STAINLESS STEEL growlers marked no larger than 2 liters. We fill growlers to with in 1 inch +/- of the rim of the container. Occasionally a growler marked as a specific quantity will hold more when filled to the rim, so we must charge accordingly. Any non-Appalachian Vintner growler requires a special tag, the cost for this tag is 50 cents, tags can be reused when treated w/ care. Please note, the laws outlining the filling of growlers in North Carolina are very specific. If you live in another state your laws may be different, we will not break North Carolina laws at anytime for any reason.  We offer deep discounts* when you purchase one of our growlers and have it filled here, so in essence, after two visits your Appalachian Vintner growler is paid for. APPALACHIAN VINTNER and its employees use the safest and best practices as required by law and are not responsible for damage to growlers during filling, guests assume all responsibility by having their growler filled here.

*certain rare, vintage or special release beers are not discountable.

Do you sell BEER?

Absolutely! We have arguably one of the largest selections of craft beer in the state. Our selections range from everyday session ales to complex, limited, rare barrel aged sours and everything in between. Mead and cider as well. These products are sourced from all over the globe and our own backyard.

Do you ship?

Yes we do ship to most states. Please contact us with any shipping questions.

Do you sell Gift Certificates?

We do sell Gift Certificates! Our Gift Certificates are good for one year after purchase and are available in any amount above $10. No Cash Value, non-transferable, must have in-date original gift certificate to redeem. Gift Certificates are NOT available online and can not be emailed. Gift Certificates are only available in-store or by calling 828-505-7500 during normal hours. We can snail mail a GC for you for a small handling fee or the GC can be left here for the recipient to pick up at a different time.

How much do Appalachian Vintner wines cost?

Most bottles are $25 or less, although Appalachian Vintner does carry boutique wines, as well. There is a wine for every budget!

Do you carry any organic wines?

Yes! 90% of our wines are organic, natural, biodynamic or sustainably farmed and almost all of our products come from small artisan farms owned and operated by the families that live on the estates.

Can I get local wine & beer at the Appalachian Vintner?

Absolutely! That is one of the things our staff loves to showcase-all the great products made right here in Western North Carolina.

Do you serve wine & beer on premise?

We certainly do. At Appalachian Vintner’s comfy 80 foot tasting bar & lounge, you can choose from over 1,000 different wines, including chilled white wine & sparkling. In fact all of our wines are available “by the glass.” For a small corkage fee you can drink what you’d like here and take the rest home. If you prefer beer we have 20 rotating draft lines flowing with some of the best craft beer available in Asheville. Just in case our 80 feet of corked bound bar is not what you need, head out to our massive outdoor patio to enjoy a nice mountain breeze.

How old do I have to be to make an alcohol purchase?

21 years old or older. Any under-aged visitors must be with parent or legal guardian at all times during visit.

I don’t know much about wine. Can you help me pick the right one?

Of course! Just ask us!

Can I order Appalachian Vintner products over the Web?

Sure! Just shoot contact us with your inquiry.

Is there a cost for attending a wine tasting?

Our weekly wine tastings are free with a purchase of $10 or more. We also host importers and wine makers, and there is generally a cost incurred at such tastings. Please see our events for more information.

Can I get Biltmore wines at Appalachian Vintner?

Yes, we carry a large assortment of Biltmore wines and wines made in North Carolina at the best prices in town.

How can I tell if a wine/beer is bad?

Smell it-if it smells musty or “not quite right,” get a second opinion.  Allow the wine/beer to breath, as sometimes smells will “blow off.”  Make sure the glass you are using is clean & free of residue or try a different glass and see if that provides a different aroma or flavor profile.  If you are in the position to do so, research the product and make sure that is not a characteristic of the variety or style.   If the product was purchased at Appalachian Vintner, we will assess the situation and replace as we find appropriate. You must have receipt, you must return the cork, cap, bottle and at least 3/4 of the remaining wine/beer for exchange or store credit. RETURNS ONLY ACCEPTED 1 MONTH AFTER PURCHASE FOR FLAWED PRODUCT. Please note that only wines/beers deemed flawed will be replaced, many of our products are naturally produced and thus may have sediment (that can be heavy at times), tartaric crystals or certain earthy qualities. We will do our best to alert consumers as to these phenomena before they make their purchase. ***Unfortunately products that were simply not enjoyed by the consumer can not be returned/replaced.***

Do you make your own wines on the premises?

Not at this time.

Can you special order a wine?

Yes! If we don’t have it in stock, we will order you a case at the lowest price in town.

Do you deliver?

Yes we offer LOCAL delivery with in Asheville, please see delivery restrictions below.

  • Minimum Delivery Amount- $100 after discounts & before tax (not including delivery fee)
  • Valid NC drivers license must be present to receive products
  • NC personal check OR cash preferred.
  • Credit Cards will be accepted for an additional 5%
  • Please contact Appalachian Vintner to inquire about delivery to your area.